Gregory Taylor

Gregory Taylor


Known throughout central Ohio for his knowledge and experience in retirement planning, Greg takes the time to carefully learn each family’s unique needs and to help them develop their own individualized retirement plan.

Greg’s vision is to help retirees “re-think” how they manage their financial portfolios. He has created the Family Endowment Portfolio to help create a more predictable and efficient path to achieving your investment goals. His focus is to reduce risk, help protect and grow assets, and create an income-generating plan. Greg believes that if you plan smart, you can have the added security and peace of mind needed to retire well.

Greg and his wife, Kristin, co-host the weekly radio show “Winning Retirement,” heard every Saturday and Sunday on 610 WTVN. He teaches periodic retirement classes held at the Fawcett Center on the Ohio State University campus. His articles on financial planning have appeared on,, and

Greg and Kristin live in Grove City with their three boys and their adorable teacup Yorkie, Belle. Greg enjoys golfing, working out, hanging out with his family and Buckeye football.